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Vertical Wall Gardens Kits

Create lush wall garden vegetation indoors or out with the Atlantis Gro-Wall®  

You may have seen vertical gardens on shows like the Block or House Rules

Gro-Wall on House Rules Grand Final 2013As seen on House Rules gro-wall on house rules grand final image 3Gro_Wall on House Rules Grand Final














gro-wall 4 on The Block

Gro-Wall 4 on the Block 2

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  1. Call us for Volume Pricing

    Create lush beautiful vertical wall gardens indoors or outdoors.

    Each Gro-Wall 4 kit offers 18 Pots in 6 rows of 3 pots. Combine kits to create stunning wall gardens in even adverse outdoor conditions or regulated indoor environments.

    Gro-Wall modules are easy to install and can be quickly fixed to any structural wall including brick, concrete, wood, sheet metal, drywall and other surfaces.

    Individual Plant Irrigation IconIPI Targeted watering control of individual plants offers maximum water efficiency and easy access to irrigation components.irrigation


    Features & Benefits

    • Rapid Construction & Plant Installation
    • Combine kits for Vertical & Horizontal Expansion (see expansion image to the left)
    • Optimum Moisture Retention for Plants
    • Uses Standard Potting Mixes
    • Easy Individual Plant Access & Maintenance in Pots
    • Easy Creative Planting Design
    • Self Supporting Structure
    • No Framework Required
    • Structurally Strong
    • Easy To Maintain
    • Excess Water Capture System Available

    Main Image shows 4 x Gro-wall kits used to create a wall 2 kits wide x 2 kits high.Assembling a Gro-Wall

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  2. Create beautiful dense vegetated facades. The Gro-Wall Façade system facilitates easy installation and integration with existing buildings and new architectural designs. This system replaces conventional lattices with much more flexibility making it an ideal choice for architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors.

    Gro-Wall Facade Construction

    The Gro-Wall Facade can also provide a pleasing screen or be formed into an amzing array of unsual patterns and even signs (see the images for some of the uses it has already been put to)

    Features & benefits

    • Rapid Construction and Installation
    • Easy Vertical and Horizontal Expansion
    • UV Stabilized
    • Durable, with 50 year + life expectancy
    • 85% recycled material
    • There are 8 pieces of facade in each unit
    • Each unit provides around 1 square metre of lattice
    • Individual dimensions of each piece
      • Width: 260 mm
      • Height: 480 mm
      • Depth: 52 mm
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  3. Atlantis Gro-Wall® PRO Vertical Garden System

    Create lush, beautiful vertical gardens, indoor or outdoor with Atlantis Gro-Wall™ PRO modules. With PRO modules, your imagintaion is the only limitation. You have enormous flexibility in create different designs and can construct free standing structures,  double sided landscaped walls and cascading living walls.


    Atlantis Gro-Wall PRO vertical garden system is truly modular with individual plant access and both vertical and horizontal system expansion. Each PRO module comes with 10 double pot modules and 20 pots. They can be assembled side by side, stacked or a combination of both.

    Self Supporting

    Easily create self supporting vertical garden screening walls with a heavy duty design able to support larger and freestanding projects. See the images to the left for some examples. Animated Gro-Wall Pro assembly

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