• With our solutions, you will:
  • Slash your utilty bills or be energy independent
  • Conserve water and save a fortune
  • Make your home greener and more comfortable!
  • Protect our environment and act on climate change!

Customer Services

G Store services for a greener lifestyle or more energy efficient home or workplace.



We can help you arrange installation of our products through our network of licensed Green Plumbers and Electricians. We are accredited by Sustainability Victoria as installers of solar hot water systems, which means we offer the State Government rebate as a point of sale discount.

Crane Hire

After a tank, but access is tight? We can arrange for a mobile crane to safely and carefully lift your tank over your house and right into your backyard. Our experienced, insured and professional contractors can safely lift a round, slimline or underground water tank over fences, garages and houses enabling our customers to get the tank that suits them.

Crane Hire for Water Tank Installation

Water Audits

Our licensed Green Plumbers will conduct a complete water audit of your property for $120. We will inspect taps, showers, toilets, leaks and general water usage and assess options for saving water including water efficient taps and showers, rainwater and grey water harvesting and use of devices such as hot water recirculators. As part of this service we will be happy to provide a free no-obligation quote on any water saving measures for your household or business.

Energy Audits

Conducted by licensed electricians qualified in Renewable Electricity our experts will conduct a full audit of energy usage in your home and provide a report on ways you can reduce your energy usage. Key considerations will be lighting, heating and cooling, appliances, windows, insulation and gaps and cracks. The audit is conducted over 2-3 hours and costs $265. Should you wish to pursue recommended options, G Store can help you decide on the right products to choose and then arrange installation. No need to run around all over town as you can trust that you are getting trade prices and professional service.

Green Renovations and Design

We have specialist green builders and architects who are experienced in the design and construction of green homes. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

6-Star Energy Rating

Our accredited energy raters are trained in the Government's FirstRate software and can conduct 6-Star energy ratings for your new home. All we need are plans of your house and sufficient information regarding the building materials used in construction. We charge $50 per hour for this service.