When your hot water system suddenly gives up, it can be a source of immense inconvenience and frustration – not to mention the cold showers that will follow!

There’s no doubt that hot water is an integral part of daily life in most Victorian households and can often account for up to 20% of an energy usage bill, household-dependent.

Whether you’re in the market to fix your hot water system or replace it entirely, knowing what to do in an emergency hot water situation can make a big difference. In this comprehensive article and guide, we’ll answer all the burning questions about emergency hot water replacements, helping you navigate this period with assurance and ease.

How Do I Know if my Hot Water System is Broken?

A few key signs your hot water system may be broken, malfunctioning or needs replacement include:

  • Unusual sounds coming from your water heater
  • Fluctuating water temperature
  • Cold water only
  • Water appears discoloured or rusty in colour
  • Your water heater is leaking
  • Your hot water system is aged

What Should I Do if my Hot Water System Blows Up?

Convinced you’re in a hot water emergency? Here are 5 key steps to take before you make any big decisions:

  1. Confirm it’s not working: If your hot water system isn’t delivering hot water as it should, the first step is to verify that there is an issue.
  2. Identify the problem: Examine your hot water system to identify any visible issues, such as leaks, unusual noises, or error codes on the unit. Make a note of any problems you find.
  3. Call a professional for advice: For safety and efficiency, it’s best to contact a licensed hot water system expert such as G Store to assess the situation (phone 1300 137 567). Our team will determine if the system can be repaired or if a replacement is necessary.
  4. Research products: While your assessment is being conducted, you can start researching the hot water systems available in the market, such as the high-quality, high-efficacy hot water solutions we recommend at G Store. Understanding your options will help you make an informed decision.
  5. Apply for rebate: If you are eligible for a hot water rebate, gather the required documentation and begin the application process. At G Store, we can also help you apply. Hot water rebates can help reduce the cost of a new, efficient system making a great replacement hot water system in Victoria more affordable.
  6. Confirm installation: After deciding on a replacement unit and confirming your eligibility for a rebate, confirm the installation date and details with your chosen hot water retailer.

What kinds of hot water systems are available in Victoria?

There are currently several types of hot water systems available on the Victorian market, each with its own set of characteristics, features and specific benefits. Here’s an overview:

  • Gas and electric storage: These systems store hot water in a tank, which is continuously heated to maintain a consistent supply. They are cost-effective but have ongoing energy consumption.
  • Instantaneous (tankless) gas and electric: Tankless systems heat water on demand, providing endless hot water and higher energy efficiency. They are compact and suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Solar hot water: Solar systems use energy from the sun to heat water, making them highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. They are ideal for sunny regions. Most quality solar hot water systems are eligible for the Victorian hot water rebate.
  • Heat pump hot water: Heat pump systems use the surrounding air to heat water, making them energy-efficient. They work best in temperate climates. Most quality solar heat pump water systems are eligible for the Victorian hot water rebate.

Which of these hot water systems is the most affordable?

As you can imagine, the affordability of a hot water system depends on a bunch of different factors, including things like:

  • The type of system
  • Associated installation costs
  • Ongoing energy expenses related to the type of system you choose

While gas storage systems are often more budget-friendly initially, vastly more efficient solar and heat pump systems nearly always prove to be more cost-effective in the long run due to lower energy consumption over time.

However, rebates and incentives can significantly impact the affordability of a system (including high-efficiency heat pump hot water and solar hot water options like these), so it’s essential to explore all available options.

Which kind of hot water system is the most efficient?

When it comes to efficiency, solar and heat pump systems are certainly among the most efficient choices. In fact, some recent Australian studies and research have shown that:

  • On average, households that install solar hot water systems can save between $140 to $400 per year on their electricity bills. Solar hot water systems are highly energy-efficient because they harness energy from the sun to heat water, reducing the reliance on electricity or gas.
  • Heat pump hot water systems are known to be significantly more energy-efficient compared to traditional electric water heaters. They can be up to 65% more energy-efficient, which can result in substantial energy cost savings over the long term.

How long does it take to replace a hot water system?

The speed of hot water system replacement depends on several factors, such as the availability of the chosen system, the schedule of the installation professionals, and the complexity of the installation.

In emergency situations, we understand you need to act swiftly to ensure a continuous supply of hot water. However, it’s crucial not to panic – getting the right advice from a trusted professional as your first step is absolutely key.

Just give us a call on 1300 137 567 for the best advice and reassurance?

Is there a hot water rebate in Victoria?

There sure is! There is currently a great hot water rebate available in Victoria, which provides financial assistance to eligible households looking to replace their current system and install more efficient hot water systems.

The rebate, formerly known as the solar hot water rebate, can provide up to $1,000 for eligible heat pump and hot water systems. To qualify for this awesome rebate, you just need to:

  • Meet specific criteria, including income limits and property value requirements
  • Seek a quote from an approved retailer
  • The rebate is then deducted from the total cost of your chosen solution

Need help with the process or to check your eligibility? Just give our friendly hot water team a call today on 1300 137 567 and we’ll help you out.

Keep in mind that replacing an old or inefficient hot water system with a significantly more energy-efficient hot water solution not only improves the comfort of your household but also contributes to reducing your bills and costs over time.

Wrapping up

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