• With our solutions, you will:
  • Slash your utilty bills or be energy independent
  • Conserve water and save a fortune
  • Make your home greener and more comfortable!
  • Protect our environment and act on climate change!


Grow Anywhere  


Grow Sustainably anywhere. Bring natural beauty into the harshest places.

At G Store we have an extensive range of Vertical Wall Gardens, rooftop and raised bed garden systems and products that allow you to grow plants in imaginative ways and in environments normally not plant friendly.

Worm Farms and Composting make the process more sustainable while helping you recycle household food waste.

For more sustainable, enjoyable, outdoor living when climate, maintenance or safety is an issue, check out our range of synthetic turf and soft fall playground surfaces.

If you have a pool, our eco friendly solutions include solar pool heating and pool blankets from Australia's leading suppliers.

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Atlantis Vertical Garden Gro-wall


Vertical Wall Gardens

  • Bring bland walls to life
  • Turn eyesores into a compelling centrepieces
  • Build an amazing green wall to enhance your outdoor living area
  • Create a stunning internal feature
  • Choose from easy to assemble kits or Pro solutions to help you unleash stunning designs
View Vertical Garden Kit range


Tankworks Garden Bed


Rooftop Gardens and Raised Garden Beds

  • Greener roofs make for better city living
  • Improve your environment outdoors
  • Better insulate and cut energy use indoors
  • Planter Boxes and Raised Beds let you create rapid mini gardens on any surface
  • Products from Atlantis, Ezy Gro and Tankworks for your garden needs
View More Roof Gardens and Planters


Worm Farm


Worm Farms

  • A Worm farm is a robust, simple product to recycle your food scraps
  • Allows occupants of high density living to participate in ‘balcony composting’ 
  • Provides organic fertiliser for potted plants, vegetables and garden generally.
  • G Store sells a complete range of worm farms, suitable for any location.
  • We can even sell you the worms!
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  • Composting is an excellent way to reduce land fill.
  • Recyle food or Pet waste and use it to condition and enhance your soil
  • Replace commercial fertilizers which can be harmful to the environment
  • Solutions from in-ground pet composters to small bins and giant tumblers
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Watering and Irrigation



  • Use only the water you need to maintain your lawns and garden effectively
  • Timers and Controllers to manage irrigation
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Irrigation for vertical garden
  • Use Greywater for watering
Watering Products



Artificial Grass Install


Synthetic Turf

  • Keep the look even when it is too hard or too dry to maintain geniune grass
  • Home owners, businesses and sporting clubs can have green lawns all year round without the cost of maintenance or watering. 
  • The artificial grass fibres have a low shine matt finish and treated to minimise fading. 
  • 7 year warranty.
Synthetic Turf Ranges
Pool Blankets  

Pool Blankets

  • Use the Sun to warm your pool more efficiently
  • Maintain existing warmth
  • Save water by cutting evaportion
  • Keeps your pool cleaner and makes your maintenance easier
  • Daisy Pool Covers use ultra dome technology for greater strength. performance and durability
  • 8 year pro-rata warranty
  • Call G Store for a custom fitted Daisy Pool Cover

Solar Pool Heating

  • Extend the use of your pool in colder areas
  • Solar Heating Solutions with Evacuated Tubes
  • Match Solar PV with a Heat Pump for a hybrid approach to Solar Pool Heating that also helps cut other energy costs
  • Ask G Store for the most eco friendly cost saving solution for your pool