• With our solutions, you will:
  • Slash your utilty bills or be energy independent
  • Conserve water and save a fortune
  • Make your home greener and more comfortable!
  • Protect our environment and act on climate change!

Ducted Gas Heating


Gas Ducted Heating from G-Store delivers you complete
whole-of-home heating at great prices


Swap ancient gas hungry heaters for the latest ultra efficient systems and make dramatic savings on your gas bills


Gas ducted central heating is one of the most cost efficient ways to keep your house warm. Air from the heater is distributed through a network of in-ceiling or underfloor ducts with discrete outlets in each room.

G-Store offers full installation for the quick changeover of heaters or completely new ducted systems in Melbourne metro.


Each Extra Star saves you 10% on the running costs of a heater.

Save 30% on Gas costs with 6-Star Ducted Heaters


Units from Brivis, Braemar and Bonaire are available in 4, 5 and 6-Star ultra efficient versions.

Ducted Heating

Ducted heating units support zoning so that heating can be turned on or off in each of the zones – don't waste your cash heating unused rooms

Extra air systems with correctly size ducting from Braemar, Brivis and Bonaire can also be upgraded with Add On Cooling to provide summer cooling using the same duct work to provide all year round comfort.

3 Easy Start Options to get your Ducted Heating up and running.

  1. Use our wizard below to suggest changeover or brand new gas ducted heaters suitable for your household
  2. Browse the leading brand choices below and get a Fully Installed Quote to decide between just the heater and the fully installed option
  3. Call us on 1300 766 940 as tell us what you are looking for. We are happy to provide advice and pricing

G Store is the one stop shop for environmentally friendly, energy saving home solutions, you can shop online, drop in to our Melbourne location or call 1300 766 940 today for more information.

Find The Right Size Ducted Heater Using Our Wizard

Ducted Heating Wizard

As there is no access to your ceiling or under your floor, your home does not appear to be suitable for ducted heating.

Please call us on 1300 766 940 to discuss your options.

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