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Evaporative Cooling

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Every Victorian knows those hot, dry summer days that seem to last forever, and there’s nothing better than spending them at the beach or the pool with good friends and good food. At the same time, we all know the horrible feeling of walking into a hot, dry house after a day out and feeling like the walls are closing in. 

Nobody wants to leave their refrigerated aircon pumping all day, hurting the environment and sending their power bills up, up and away. But what to do? A comfy house loaded with guilt, or feeling like a zombie in your own home? 

This summer, we think it’s time to choose neither of the above. You can leave the heat at the beach and stay luxuriously cool at home without the guilt or huge bills. Call us today to discuss evaporative cooling. 

Converting or upgrading an old evaporative cooling unit? Evaporative cooling never sits still. New technology is released every year, all of it designed to maximise your comfort, minimise your environmental impact, and save you cash. See below for a sample of our popular packages, click here for the full range, or call us on 1300 766 940 for some friendly, expert advice on how to upgrade your current evaporative cooler.

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Quality brands manufactured in Australia. G-Store stocks our quality brands at great prices. Go green, feel good
Evaporative coolers are up to 80% more energy efficient Evaporative coolers cut up to 74% of your greenhouse gas emissions. The G-Store way, our experienced contractors will take care of the whole process.

Brivis Contour


THE PREMIUM:  Brivis Contour
The Brivis Contour is one of the most advanced evaporative coolers in its class – designed to deliver volumes of cold air without the profile of traditional coolers. Brivis is a Rinnai company.


A. AquaSave technology saves you up to 45% water a year compared to conventional bleed systems. It cleans the water used avoiding any unnecessary wastage

B. ServoSeal is the only motorised seal on the market, helping retain warmth in winter and reducing turbulence and noise when open.

C. The Trident Water Sensor manages water levels in the tank, running a Fresh Start operation when you turn the cooler off. The tank is emptied and thoroughly flushed clean, ready for next use.

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THE SUPERIOR:   Braemar Paradigm LCQ
The Braemar Paradigm is at the cutting edge of evaporative cooling: a high efficiency system that will cool your home with Braemar’s characteristic quality and reliability. Braemar is a Seeley company.


A. 100% fresh air! Your windows and doors can be left open, and your Paradigm won't dry your skin, nose and eyes.

B. Injection moulded from specially developed Permatuf ® polymer, your Braemar Paradigm is UV resistant and will stand up to our harsh Aussie climate year after year without rusting.

C. The AUTOWinterSeal™ automatically closes ducts when not in use: preventing heat loss and keeping unwanted dirt out

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Braemar Paradigm LCQ Evaporative Cooler (4 model sizes)


Coolair CPQ Evaporative Cooler (4 Model Sizes)


The CoolairCPQ is a great option for anyone looking for a quality, affordable entry into evaporative cooling. The new CPQ range features the state-of-the-art, super quiet Stealth® fan, bringing you cool, fresh air without the background noise. Coolair is a Seeley company.


A. Coolair MagIQCool Control - Set the comfort level you want on your wall mounted control and your Coolair system does the rest.

B. The unique patented water distribution system means no clogging and no dry spots on your filter pads.

C. Comes in three attractive colours, meaning it will blend into any and every roof.

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* https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/You-and-Your-Home/Save-energy/Cooling/Cooling-running-costs

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