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Evaporative Cooling

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Evaporative cooling is a great way to keep your family cool, while at the same time keeping your electricity prices down and helping the environment. 

Brands such as Braemar, Coolair and Brivis have all been cooling Australian homes for years and G-Store is the best place in the country to get your hands on these fantastic evaporative air conditioning units at great cheap prices! 

Select one of our evaporative cooling products below or give us a call for some expert practical advice on 1300 766 940 including advice on Changeover Units or an installation quote on changing over your old evaporative cooler in Melbourne Metro area. 

G-Store is the number one supplier for green heating and cooling solutions in Melbourne and across Australia, so get shopping today!

Find the right evaporative air conditioning and cooling systems for your home

The sizing guide below reflects indicative use in drier climates for brick veneer homes with ceiling heights up to 3 metres and adequate ventilation available i.e. open external doors and windows to allow for optimum air-flow.

G-Store Evaporative Cooling Size Guide

House Size

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Approx m2 cooled 
 @ 2.4m ceiling
Approx m2 Cooled
 @ 3.0m ceiling
Unit/Small Home 3-5 100-125 80-110
Smaller 2-3 Bedroom House 5-7 130-180 115-165
3 Bedroom Newer Homes 7-10 185-240


Large Homes 11-12 245-300 225-275


For more information on any of our evaporative air coolers or to estimate the cost of an evaporative air conditioning installation for your Melbourne home, contact us today.

G-Store offers a range of quality evaporative air cooler and conditioning systems to suit any residence

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