It’s easy to “talk the talk” about why all-electric solutions are better for the environment, your lifestyle, and your back pocket.

But how many providers actually walk the walk?

What does all-electric mean?

“All-electric” refers to a system that runs exclusively on electricity, without the use of fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel. An EV, or “Electric Vehicle” is a great example of this. So too are homes that rely only on solar power.

Why go all-electric?

In a world challenged by climate change, the rising cost of living, huge increases in gas and electricity bills, and more, there’s never been a better – or more affordable – time to go all-electric.

The incredible benefits of introducing all-electric technology into your home include:

  • Increased energy-efficiency
  • Reduced bills
  • The ability to make money from the energy you generate
  • Improved quality of indoor air by using all-electric HVAC systems
  • Reduced carbon footprint overall
  • Increased reliability of the systems supporting your home and lifestyle
  • Improved indoor comfort
  • Quieter operation than gas and other systems
  • Easy and cleaner installation, care and maintenance

On average, homes that switch to all-electric systems can see an immediate reduction in energy bills of up to 50%.

Pair solar with a heat pump plus membership to our Virtual Power Plant offer with Simply Energy and you could even be making money from the power you generate, and getting your hot water for free!

What G Store offers you:

  • 15+ years of award-winning expertise
  • 5-star Google reviews
  • Trusted across the industry: SunPower Elite Partner, Enphase Platinum Installer, Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, and partnerships with Reclaim Energy, Panasonic, and more
  • Ongoing friendly care and support

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