Solar energy has gained significant popularity in recent years, offering an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources.

As the demand for solar panels grows in Victoria and across Australia, it’s become crucial for savings-conscious customers to understand more about not only their lifespan, but proper maintenance requirements as well.

Why? Because the lifespan of a solar panel depends on a huge range of factors. But fear not – they’re all covered off below!

The tips, tricks and key info in the guide below is designed to keep your beautiful, new panels functioning well – and offering endless cost-savings and environmental benefits – for decades to come.

In this article, we’ll explore the best solar panels available, focusing on those our award-winning G-Store solar team has hand-selected to stock, sell and install. We’ll highlight SunPower’s incredible Maxeon technology which boasts panels with an exceptional 40-year warranty – yes, that’s four decades of warranty!

Additionally, we’ll delve into a handy guide on the average lifespan of solar PV panels and discuss the frequency of servicing they require in order to keep you brand-new solar system in tip-top shape.

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What factors influence the lifespan of solar panels?

Before we delve too deep into this topic, let’s take a look at the variety of factors that tend to influence the lifespan, longevity and maintenance requirements of your solar system:

Manufacturing quality:

The quality of materials and manufacturing processes used to produce solar panels can significantly impact their lifespan. Panels manufactured by reputable companies with stringent quality control measures tend to have longer lifespans.

Quality of installation:

No matter what the degree of quality of your panels, if they’re not installed by a reputable, trusted, experienced expert, they’re more likely than not to underperform.

Panel type and technology:

Different types of solar panels, such as monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film, have varying lifespans. Generally, monocrystalline panels have longer lifespans due to their higher efficiency and durability.

Climate and environmental factors:

The climate and environmental conditions in which solar panels are installed can affect their lifespan. Extreme temperatures, humidity, saltwater exposure, and air pollution can degrade panels over time. Regions with harsh climates may experience more rapid degradation.

Maintenance and cleaning:

Regular maintenance and cleaning of solar panels are essential to ensure optimal performance and prolong their lifespan. Accumulation of dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris can hinder sunlight absorption and affect energy production. Routine cleaning helps prevent such issues.

Physical damage:

Physical damage from hail, storms, falling objects, or improper handling during installation or maintenance can impact the lifespan of solar panels. Panels should be installed securely and protected from potential hazards.

Degradation rate:

Solar panels naturally experience a gradual decrease in efficiency over time due to the inherent properties of photovoltaic cells. The degradation rate varies depending on the panel quality, technology, and environmental conditions. Higher-quality panels often have slower degradation rates.

Manufacturer’s warranty:

The warranty provided by the panel manufacturer is an indicator of the expected lifespan. Manufacturers offering longer warranties typically have confidence in the durability and longevity of their products.

Luckily, the panels we stock at G-Store have been preselected for their compliance with all of these factors. Plus – why would we stock anything we’d need to spend countless time, money and energy on replacing just a few years down the track? What a terrible business decision that would be!

If you opt for an experienced and trusted retailer like G-Store, you can be certain you’re getting a quality product (and service).

So – how long does an average solar panel system last?

It is important to note that while solar panels in Australia have an approximate average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, advancements in technology and improved manufacturing processes may extend their longevity in the future.

What’s more, ensuring a proper schedule of maintenance and cleaning for your panels is likely to significantly extend their lifespan.

Choosing high-quality panels, proper installation, regular maintenance, and adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines can help maximise the lifespan and performance of your panels.

There is one panel that bucks the trend – and it’s a panel you should know about:

That’s SunPower Maxeon – with an industry-best 40-year warranty!

Why are SunPower Maxeon panels so good?

SunPower Maxeon solar panels are highly regarded for their exceptional performance and numerous benefits. Here’s a summary of their huge range of impressive characteristics:

Extensive warranty:

SunPower Maxeon panels come with an exceptional 40-year warranty, guaranteeing their performance and durability. This lengthy warranty period demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality and longevity of their panels, providing customers with peace of mind and long-term investment security.<.span>

Unmatched efficiency:

SunPower Maxeon panels are known for their industry-leading efficiency, generating more electricity from the same amount of sunlight compared to conventional panels. The Maxeon cell technology utilized in these panels ensures higher energy production, allowing homeowners and businesses to maximise their solar energy potential.

Superior durability:

SunPower Maxeon panels are renowned for their exceptional durability and longevity. Built with a solid copper foundation, these panels are more resistant to corrosion and cracking, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. The robust design of the panels helps them withstand extreme temperatures, high winds, and even hailstorms.

Enhanced performance in low light: SunPower Maxeon panels excel in low-light conditions, such as cloudy days or early morning and late afternoon hours. Their unique cell architecture allows them to capture more sunlight and convert it into usable electricity, ensuring consistent power generation throughout the day.

Maximised energy production:

With their advanced design and high efficiency, SunPower Maxeon panels enable homeowners and businesses to generate more electricity within limited roof space. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with space constraints or aiming to maximise their solar energy output.


SunPower Maxeon panels are designed with sleek aesthetics in mind. The panels have a uniform black appearance, blending seamlessly with different types of roofs and enhancing the overall visual appeal of a solar installation.

Of course, SunPower panels – for one reason or another – may not be suitable for all customers. We’re also incredibly proud to sell REC Solar Panels and still advise on (and help maintain) LG solar panels despite the company ceasing production of these just a few years ago.

Put simply, we’re here to help you find a brand-news solar system that suits all – not just some – of your needs. Just give our friendly team a call today on 1300 137 567.

What is the best solar panel available?

As a trusted, leading provider of all-electric energy solutions and solar panels in Victoria, G Store is proud to offer a range of quality solar and battery storage solutions – all hand-selected for their quality and outstanding features.

By understanding the lifespan and maintenance requirements of your solar panels, we can help you make informed decisions about your solar energy investments to help you slash bills and add long-term value to your property for years to come.

As the demand for solar panels continues to grow across Victoria, it’s become even more important to rely on reputable suppliers like G-Store. The right advice with award-winning customer service is a combination we know you’ll come to appreciate.

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