When it comes to keeping your swimming pool warm and enjoyable year-round, a couple of options arrive on the table – namely, heat pumps or solar heating.

Of course, more traditional methods of heating your pool water are a possibility too – however, with the increasing cost of living and the Victorian government’s plan to cease gas connections in all new houses from 1 January 2024, these methods are fast becoming the least-preferred path.

In fact, the operating costs of pool heat pumps specifically are known to be lower than those of more traditional pool heating systems. Inverter heat pumps, in particular, can significantly reduce energy expenses, with some models achieving up to 85% lower operating costs compared to other heating methods.

So – when it comes to effectively and efficiently heating your pool, we suggest considering both heat pumps and solar. Both methods have their merits, but choosing the right one can make a significant difference in terms of both your cost savings and overall satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll explore why a pool heat pump could be the superior choice for heating your pool all year-round, regardless of whether or not your pool is new.

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What’s better to heat a pool – solar or a heat pump?

The question of what technology is better for any situation is a question that relies on contextual factors. When considering if a heat pump or solar-heated pool could be right for you, we suggest asking yourself questions such as:

  • What is your budget for upfront costs?
  • Do you have a preference for lower upfront cost/higher long-term cost, or higher upfront cost/lower long-term cost?
  • Have you assessed your eligibility for Victorian rebates?
  • What are your energy usage patterns?
  • Will this be a once-off purchase, or are you interested in other energy-efficient systems around the home?
  • Is there ample sunlight around your home?

It’s also worth taking note of the environmental characteristics of where you live.

Put simply, Victoria is well-known for its diverse climate, which can vary significantly depending on the region in which you live. Despite this variability, many Victorians (and you may well be one of them) love spending time in their pools year-round.

Let’s look at some of the other advantages offered by pool heat pumps in Victoria over solar-heated pools:

Pool heat pump advantage 1: low cost of ownership

One of the most significant advantages of pool heat pumps in Victoria is their ability to provide excellent heating performance while also keeping your all-important operating costs in check.

These heat pumps utilise renewable sources of energy by extracting heat from the ambient outside air, making them a vastly more cost-effective choice over the long-term.

What’s more, the relatively low electricity consumption rate of heat pumps makes them an economical choice for heating your pool consistently, throughout the year.

While the upfront cost of a heat pump may be more than your more traditional gas or electric heater, it’s so important to remember that lower upfront cost usually equates to higher long-term cost, creating a sense of false economy for you and your household.

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Pool heat pump advantage #2: environmentally friendly

In a world increasingly concerned about the impact of technology on climate change, pool heat pumps shine as one of the most eco-friendly heating options available.

According to international government sources, heat pumps are a highly efficient option for providing all kinds of heating (and cooling) within your home and can be up to 50% more efficient in doing so compared to more traditional heating and cooling systems.

Solar, of course, is a wonderfully clean and renewable option as well, but just wait until you learn about the many ways in which heat pumps can help you maintain autonomous management of your pool.

Pool heat pump advantage #3: autonomous management

Operating a heat pump is straightforward and can be done independently throughout the year. Once installed, you won’t need constant assistance or the involvement of specialised technicians, providing you with hassle-free pool heating at your convenience.

This isn’t to say solar isn’t also hassle-free.

More specifically, it’s that many first-time customers use heat pumps as a gateway energy-efficiency solution, moving to solar at a later time. Heat pumps, being known for their autonomous functionality with no need for solar panels/collecters in order to power them, can often be a vastly more cost-effective and/or accessible method of entering the world of the all-electric, energy-efficient home.

Pool heat pump advantage #4: longevity

Pool heat pumps, with their incredible technology and boundary-pushing functionality, are built to last. In fact, the typical pool heat pump can last from between 15-20 years with normal use and regular servicing.

What’s more, the heat pump’s compressor and other particular components are specifically designed for long-term efficiency and reliability, ensuring that your investment pays off over the years.

It’s worth noting that a well-maintained solar pool-heating system can also last up to 20 years with proper servicing and maintenance. However, in general, solar systems often require additional maintenance and checks as they can be more exposed to the elements than a heat pump, and particularly so in a residential setting.

Pool heat pump advantage #5: efficiency

Finally, it’s worth noting that the efficiency of pool heat pumps available in Victoria is particularly impressive.

These wonderful feats of contemporary technology particularly excel at conserving energy, with a vast majority of the energy needed for heating coming from the surrounding environment, such as the air. Depending on the heat pump you choose, only a very small portion of the energy requirement is drawn from electricity.

Without the need to rely on the surrounding weather or sustained levels of sunlight, pool heat pumps also offer you the opportunity to rest easy when the weather is poor. Most models of heat pumps – and particularly those we sell at G Store – are especially good at operating with maximum efficiency even at low temperatures.

Like we said – pool heat pumps are well-worth your consideration.

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