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The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System offers an incredible alternative to traditional electric hot water systems including both gas and electric storage/instantaneous options. In this article, we’ll explore how this innovative system works, its unique features and benefits, why a huge number of Victorians are now opting for this system, and whether or not it’s worth the investment.

How does the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System work?

Like other heat pumps, the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System operates on a principle similar to that of a refrigerator – but in reverse.

A heat pump is a device that harnesses a small amount of energy to transfer heat from one location (e.g. the ambient air outside of your home) to another (e.g. to heat your hot water).

The key to the eco-friendliness of this particular Sanden system lies in the use of R744 (CO2). This is an ozone-friendly natural refrigerant that retains minimal global warming potential. As this particular refrigerant circulates, it passes through a compressor, increasing its pressure and temperature.

The hot refrigerant then flows through a special component called a heat exchanger, heating your household’s water in the process. The hot water is subsequently pumped into the system’s storage tank.

What makes the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System different?

The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System offers several advantages over other hot water systems available on the Victorian market.

Firstly, the use of R744 (CO2) refrigerant, which offers several environmental advantages:

  • Ozone-friendly: Unlike many commonly used refrigerants, R744 doesn’t contribute to ozone layer depletion
  • Minimal Global Warming Potential (GWP): R744 has a GWP of 1, making it an excellent choice for reducing the environmental impact of hot water systems
  • Higher efficiency rating: R744’s efficient compression allows more heat to be transferred to the water using less energy

Let’s explore this heat pump unit’s range of other benefits:

  • High Coefficient of Performance (COP): With a COP of up to 5, it significantly reduces energy use and CO2 emissions
  • Fast heat recovery: This system can recover heat up to 50% faster than typical heat pumps
  • Simple installation: A plumber and electrician can install it without the need for a refrigeration mechanic
  • Automatic heating cycle: Ideal for use with photovoltaic (PV) solar electricity systems, it can operate using power generated from rooftop solar panels
  • Wide temperature operating range: The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System functions in a huge range of climates, with an operating range from -10°C to +43°C
  • “Blockout Timer” feature: This feature helps you avoid high electricity tariff periods
  • Wifi control: The Sanden Wifi Controller allows you to remotely control the Sanden GAU-A45HPD Heat Pump unit using your smartphone or tablet. It offers functions like One Touch Boost, Multiple Timer Programming, and Energy Saver Mode, and more
  • Quiet operation: The system operates at a noise level of just 37 dB, making it neighbour-friendly
  • High-quality construction: It is made with high-quality, weather-resistant materials for outdoor placement
  • Impressive warranty: The heat pump component of the system comes with a 6-year warranty (covering both parts and labour) and the stainless steel tank boasts an additional 15-year pro-rata warranty (also including parts and labour)
  • Durable stainless steel tank with multiple sizes: This system offers tank sizes of 160L, 250L, 300L, and 315L to suit your hot water needs
  • Fully insulated system: This feature minimises the system’s heat loss, ensuring energy efficiency
  • Mains pressure-rated: The Sanden system is specifically designed to provide consistent water pressure throughout use
  • Impressive safety features: Each tank comes with a pressure and temperature relief valve

Is the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System efficient?

Yes – the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System is highly energy-efficient. It can save you up to 80% on your conventional electric hot water energy costs. This system consumes only ~20% of the energy needed by an electric storage hot water system, making it a compelling choice for energy-conscious consumers.

>Is the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System environmentally friendly?

One of the key questions our customers have about this system revolves around its use of CO2 (R744) as a refrigerant. While CO2 is indeed a greenhouse gas, it’s important to consider its Global Warming Potential (GWP) and overall environmental impact. R744 has a GWP of 1, making it a responsible choice when compared to other refrigerants with significantly higher GWPs. It contains less than 1 kg of R744 in a closed system, and there is no need for on-site charging by the installer.

Is the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System noisy?

No! The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System is impressively quiet, with a noise level of just 37 dB when measured at a 1-metre distance from the unit.

To provide some context, a whisper typically registers around 30 dB, and library noise levels are around 40 dB. It’s important to note that there are noise limits and usage restrictions for heat pumps, which local councils are responsible for enforcing. These limits depend on the time of day, so check with your local council before installing your system.

What is the life expectancy of the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System?

This wonderful heat pump hot water system is designed to have a life expectancy of 15 years. It operates effectively in a broad temperature range, from -10°C to 43°C, without requiring an electric backup or booster element. It also includes built-in freeze protection, making it suitable for various climates.

What about water quality?

Water quality is an essential factor to consider when using the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System. To ensure that the Sanden Warranty applies, the water should have chloride levels of less than 200 mg/litre and a pH between 6.5 and 8.5.

If your water quality falls outside these levels, it can corrode parts of the system and cause malfunctions. Rainwater from tanks is likely to have variable water quality, and professional testing is recommended to determine if corrective action is necessary.

Can you use the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System with solar panels?

If you have an on-roof Photovoltaic (PV) system that generates electricity, the Sanden Heat Pump unit can be configured to align with your production of solar energy.

The “Blockout Timer” feature of this system allows you to specify when the Heat Pump unit should run, ensuring that it operates during periods of maximum electricity generation from your PV system.

Is the Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System eligible for Victorian government solar rebates?

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for an impressive Victorian government rebate to help cover the upfront costs of your new Sanden heat pump hot water system.

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