LG 5.3kW Multisplit Wall Mounted Inverter

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LG Multi Split systems provides powerful, efficient cooling and heating. So, allowing 2 to 5 indoor units operating off a single outdoor unit the flexibility of choice is yours. So, you can choose between cassettes, standard wall mount, art cool wall mount, or ducted units. Mix and match to suit each individual room.

The LG’s advanced inverter technology brings powerful performance while consuming less energy and it uses a lot less space than installing individual single split systems. And with a variety of sleek and elegant indoor units to compliment any decor available in a full range of capacities to suit all room sizes, you will be sure to find the right mix and match system to suit your personal needs.

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Features and Benefits
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Plasmaster Ioniser Plus Filtration and Deodorisation
  • LG Skew Fan
  • Detachable Bottom Cover
  • Quiet Mode both Indoor and Outdoor Unit
  • Built in WiFi Smart Control
  • Long and High Elevation Piping for more installation options
  • 5 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Weight 13.9 kg
Dimensions 42.00 × 106.30 × 27.40 cm