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  • Conserve water and save a fortune
  • Make your home greener and more comfortable!
  • Protect our environment and act on climate change!

Quick Guide to Water Tanks, Rainwater Capture, Storage and Reuse from G Store

Why Install Water Tanks and Pumps at your place.Reduce Water Usage Charges by up to 70%

Having your personal means of harvesting rainwater and using it around your home gives you much greater independence.

  1. Avoid water restrictions during droughts
  2. Take control of your water quality
  3. Decide how you use your tank water - in the home - in your garden or both
  4. SAVE 70% or more on mains water depending on the volume of rainwater and how you use it
  5. Meet six star building standards for rainwater flushing

Finding the Right Water Tank

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Keeping your water healthy and safe

There are basic considerations that apply to all rainwater harvesting in keeping your tanks clean, pumps and accessories operating well and your water top quality. Additional considerations come into play depending how you intend to use your water, including protecting your appliances and the health of your family. There are a range of dedicated and combination products that you can consider when installing a tank at home or work.

  • Roof and Gutters. 
    • Basic roadblocks such as the roof being in poor condition, overhanging branches that may allow animals access and use of lead paint need to be cleared before thinking of installing a water tank for household use.
    • Keeping your roof and gutters clean is a first part of collecting clean water, installing Gutter Mesh is a good first step.
  • Leaf Catchers and pre-Tank Filters.
    • Leaf Eaters/Beaters keep leaves and larger debris out of the system and keep the water flowing. Secondary filters keep mosquitos from entering the system at this point.
  • First Flush Diverters
    • The first fall of rain washes the roof. It can include dust, bird and animal droppings, leaves and other debris. First Flush Diverters prevent this water from entering the tank reducing potential contaminents.
  • Tank Protection
    • Any entry to the tank should be fitted with second stage pre-tank filters with screens or valves to prevent mosquitos entering. 
    • Overflows should be protected from a blockage of the outlet creating storm water backup.
  • Pumps 
    • Pumps can distribute water o where you need it around the home, garden or workplace.
    • Change over devices can provide mains water back up where required.
  • Last Stage Water Filters and Treatment (post tank)

Need more help? G Store can give you personal advice to help you get the best from Rainwater Harvesting

  1. Appropriate size tank for the size roof catchment area and the space available to locate a tank or underground storage.
  2. Tank accessories you need to ensure most effective and safe use of water
  3. Delivery and Installation advice for your particular tank
  4. Selecting the right type of pump for how you are using your rainwater
  5. Choosing the right size pump for your property - single, double story building, large areas etc
  6. Fully installed options we can provide for your area

You can contact G Store's expert staff Monday to Friday 8am to 5:30 pm on 1300 766 940 for great advice on the right Water Tank and extras for you.


Types of Water Tanks

The range of types of water tanks available from G Store gives you a huge choice. Match the tank to you specific need, location and the available space. 

Plastic Water Tanks

These give you a durable solution with highly flexible designs, lots of colours and a huge range of sizes.




  • Homes with limited space
  • Offices
  • Homes with bigger backyards
  • Larger properties
  • Tanks designed as a garden feature
  • Maxicubes and Thin Tanks
Feature Water Tanks - Contain and Maxicube
A perfect solution for homes with limited space around the house. Maximise the amount of water you can store. The best “dollar per litre” option. Options for turning your water storage into a garden feature

View G Store's complete range of Plastic Water Tanks

Steel Water Tanks

Corrugated steel water tanks are an excellent choice. They are:Tankworks Slimline steel water tank

  • Elegant
  • Sturdy
  • Fire resistant
  • Made to measure they can be customised to fit any space. 
  • Long life (20 year warranty)

G Store stocks Tankworks steel tanks in traditional galvanised steel and the full range of Colourbond colours. Their versatility,value for money, durability and functionality, as well as their aesthetic appeal make them an ideal choice. Tankworks steel tanks are not only perfect for small domestic applications, we can also supply and install larger rural and commercial steel tanks from 50,000 litres.

Steel Tanks available from G Store in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland

Underground Water Storage

Tankmasta 3000L Dounut underground water tank

Atlantis underground rainwater harvesting

Why take up precious land space? Underground water tanks are invisible and are an excellent option for retaining the aesthetic value of a property. G Store can supply and install our full range of concrete or poly underground water tanks in Melbourne. Some tanks can be supplied Australia wide.

Atlantis Underground Rainwater Harvesting is completely modular system supporting unlimited storage tailored to your property.

Not sure where to start? Our G Store specialists in rainwater harvesting have extensive experience advising and helping select the perfect water storage option for your lifestyle, home and needs. 

See our Underground Water Tank Options


Melro Underdeck Water Tank

Underdeck Rainwater Tanks

 Why not consider saving space and placing a tank under your deck or under your house? These water tanks will fit between standard stump widths and remain out of view.

Eco sac framed bladder water tank

Bladder Water Tanks can be used anywhere under your house you have spare room. They can be ordered in a wide range of sizes to fill your available space.


View the full range of underdeck water tanks including under house bladder tanks 



Above Ground Plastic Tanks By Size of Space Available

(use Shop By Filters on the right of the page to further narrow down the results you get clicking on these links)

Space Limitation  Criteria
 None - Unrestricted area available  Plastic Tanks over 10,000 Litres in capacity
 Restricted Square Spaces (Round Water tanks to fit)
 Under 1 metre in diameter
   1 to 1.5 metres
   1.5 to 2 metres
   2 - 3 metres
 Restricted Height Space (Any Tank)  Under 1.5 metres in height
   1.5 to 2 metres
   2 to 2.5 metres
  Narrow Spaces (Slimline Tanks)  250 to 500 mm
   500 mm to 750 mm
   750 mm to 1 metre
   1 to 1.5 metres
 Restricted Length Locations (Slimline Tanks)  Under 1 metre long
   1 to 1.5 metres
   1.5 to 2 metres
   2 to 2.5 metres
   2.5 to 3 metres


 Under Deck / Under House Tanks by available size

Eco Sac and Aussie Bladder Rainwater Tanks both come in a huge range of sizes to suit any available space up to 10 metres in length. Use the Width and Length menus on either product to find the size right for you.

Other underdeck tanks by available width

Tanks 1200 mm wide

Tanks 1500-1999 mm wide

Tanks 2000-2200 mm wide


Tanks on a tight Budget

Water Tanks under $500

Water Tanks $500 - $999


Pre-packaged Systems

 Some tanks can be delivered with a pump already installed. The choice of pump can suit a range of purposes.

View Tank and Pump Packages

Pumps and Accessories

Pumps for Rainwater re-useG Store can customise a complete package of pump and accessories to suit your specific requirements covering options for garden, household and firefighting use. 

Pre-tank filterSupporting water tank accessories include pre tank filters and diverters, first flush filters and post tank fine filters


Available Water Tanks Per Location

 Melbourne Metro

 Geelong, Ballarat, Regional Victoria

 Sydney Metro

 Newcastle, Central Coast, Regional NSW



 Brisbane & the Gold Coast