Rheem Premier LoLine Solar Hot Water System


Do your bit for the planet and save energy at the same time! Go solar with the Rheem Loline® solar hot water heater. It’s designed for warmer climates and areas with good water chemistry. If you need an emergency replacement, you can run this water heater on its electric boost until your collectors are installed.

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More Information

  • 325L capacity tank is suitable for 2 – 6 people
  • The tank has a back-up electric booster to keep you in hot water when the sun isn’t shining
    Alternatively, you can choose to have a Rheem solar continuous flow gas water heater installed with the tank to provide boosting
  • Reduces energy use1,2
  • Limited frost protection – Electronically controlled circulation of water prevents frost damage
  • Suitable with NPT200 or LCS collectors
  • 5 year cylinder
  • 5 year collector(s)
  • 3 year labour on cylinder
  • 1 year parts including labour.
Solar Hot Water FAQ’s

1. What is a solar hot water system?

A solar hot water system is typically made up of solar collectors, a gas or electric booster, a storage tank, and a solar controller and pump for split systems.

A close coupled system has a storage tank above the solar collectors all located together on the roof. This system relies on thermosyphon to operate. This involves cold water from the bottom of the tank falling to the inlet at the bottom of the solar collectors. This water is then heated by the sun, which rises up through the solar collector and back into the middle and top of the tank.

A split system has the storage cylinder located on the ground and the solar collectors located on the roof. This system uses a solar controller and pump to transfer cold water from the tank to the solar collectors to be heated and returned to the middle or top of the tank. The solar controller compares the temperature of the water in the solar collector to that in the tank. When the collector is hotter than the tank the pump is switched on, transferring the solar heated water to the tank.

2. Why do I need a booster for my solar hot water system?

A booster is required to help deliver hot water in times where there may be low solar contribution, or when there may be excessive hot water consumption. The two booster options are gas or electric.

3. Why should I use a solar hot water system?

There are many benefits included when using a solar hot water system over an electric storage tank system. These include a potential reduction in electricity consumption by 25%, costs and environmental impacts by up to two-thirds! More benefits include offsetting investment costs with government rebates, a decrease in household’s carbon footprint, and an increase in your property’s value!

When using electric systems, it is predominantly generated using non-renewable and dirty coal fired power stations. This produces carbon dioxide emissions, ash, particles and waste heat, while consuming vast quantities of non-renewable coal. Therefore creating lots of excess waste and pollution into our environment.

By using a solar hot water system we help to combat this waste by reducing the need for electricity. Solar hot water systems also work to offset electricity just when it is needed most- Summer.

4. Will I still get solar gain in winter?

Yes, your system will still gain solar in winter. It is available during the day throughout the year. Even when it is a cloudy day some solar gain is possible. A clear winter day may sometimes deliver more solar energy than on a cloudy summers day.

The highest solar contributions are created in clear and sunny days, whilst the lowest solar contribution is produced in overcast and cold days.

Clear and cold days, and overcast and warm days, both produce reasonable solar contribution.

5. How do I correctly size a solar hot water system?

The storage tank should hold one days supply of hot water and have enough capacity to store the amount of solar energy collected by the solar collectors. Once the tank size is chosen to match the household’s hot water use, the number of solar collectors is then matched to the tank.

Things to consider include:

  • Where you live
  • How many people live in your household
  • The type of energy source available to the household (Electricity, LPG or Natural gas)
  • Your household water demands
  • The water quality in your area

For more help with selection, contact us, and we will be happy to assist.

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