Rheem Stellar 5 Star Premium Gas Storage Hot Water – Natural Gas

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The Rheem Stellar gives you 5 Star Efficiency with a High Recovery Rate Gas Storage Hot Water System producing 200 Litres per hour of Hot Water.

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More Information

    • 5 Star energy efficiency – uses less gas than 3 or 4 Star water heaters, lowering greenhouse gas emissions
    • Advanced technology – the Stellar Superflue® increases both efficiency and performance, reducing energy consumption and saving you money
    • Mains pressure at multiple taps – to service multiple hot water demands at once
    • 200 litre per hour recovery – more than you will likely need!
    • 10 Years Cylinder and SuperFlue® Warranty, 5 Years labour on Cylinder and SuperFlue®, 1 Year parts & labour warranty on all other components.
    • Designed for durability
    • Australian made
Gas Storage Hot Water FAQ’s

1. How does a gas storage water heater work?

A gas storage water heater works by heating and storing the water for supply at mains pressure, which enables for several taps or showers to be used at once without a loss of pressure. A gas burner located underneath the storage tank is used to continuously heat the water tank. When the temperature at the bottom of the tank is below the thermostat level, the flame then ignites to keep the water constantly hot. Mains pressure gas storage hot water heaters have instantaneous hot water delivery, as a generous amount is stored heated and ready for use.

2. Can a gas storage hot water system be installed if I haven’t had one before?

The answer is maybe. This depends on your street having gas piping that can connect your home to natural gas. Check with your local energy provider if gas is available for your home.

In the event that gas is not available, a propane (LPG) gas water heater can be installed. Check with a plumber what is advised.

3. What are the benefits of a gas storage hot water system?

There are lots of benefits included when using a gas storage hot water system. These include:

  • Relatively inexpensive solution to your hot water needs
  • Higher efficiency
  • Cost less to run and a more cost-effective long term option
  • Produce less greenhouse gas emissions than electric systems

4. What is the temperature of the water?

In accordance with the National Plumbing Standard requirements, the temperature of the stored water must not be below 60°C.

5. How should I choose what size water heater to purchase?

When choosing what size water heater to purchase you should look at factors such as:

  • How many people living in the home
  • Water usage (quantity and how often)
  • How many bathrooms

If you choose a storage system that is too small it will run out of water continuously. However, if you choose one that is too big it will be more expensive to run because the water temperature will be maintained even when not in use. Note that gas storage systems are measured via First Hour Capacity (FHC) which calculates tank volume and heat-up rate to determine the ‘useable’ amount of hot water in litres.

Contact us for assistance on choosing the right storage system for your home.

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