Rinnai 750 Gas Log Fire – Includes Remote

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Love the glow of a natural fire? The Rinnai 750 Gas Fireplace has been designed to suit existing Australian fireplaces.


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More Information

  • Unique ember bed technology that recreates the glow of a natural fire.
  • Remote control
  • Wide viewing window
  • Double glazed window
  • Minimalist frame that sits flush against the wall
  • No need for mesh guard.
  • High heat output for up to 6kW of warmth
  • Great for new homes and replacement fireplaces
  • Available in natural wood or glowing stones
  • Warranty (domestic use) Heat Exchanger 10 years pro rata (1)
  • Warranty (domestic use) Fan 2 years
  • Warranty (domestic use) All other parts 1 year & Free labour 1 year
  • Commercial use warranty – 1 year on all parts and labour

*Pending AGA approval

Flueing configuration & components


Gas Log Fire FAQ’s

1. Why should I choose a gas log heater?

There a number of reasons as to why you should choose to purchase a Gas Log Heater. These include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduced running costs
  • Protect the environment by producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions
  • Flexible and versatile installation
  • Range of fluing options
  • Beautiful clean design
  • Simple to operate

2. Can a TV be placed above my gas fire heater?

Yes, you can place your TV above your gas fire heater. But first, you should consider a few factors:

  • Accessories or other pieces of furniture that may be in the way (ie. Shelves)
  • The TV height for viewing
  • Distance between the fireplace and your TV
  • The make of the gas log fire

We recommend having shelves or recesses to protect your TV from getting heated from behind.

3. Why should I choose a powerflue heater?

A powerflue heater works by drawing air from the outside of a room rather than the inside. This process is sealed within the room without the risk of products from inside the flue returning into the room. A secondary flue is used to expel the combusted products outside the home. This results in cleaner air quality while still maintaining the rooms’ oxygen. These systems are required for apartments and newer homes that are much more airtight than older style homes.

Being a pressurised system, the powerflue requires glass to work, so an open front gas log fire is not sufficient- and in fact can pose a risk of drawing air from within the room. A restrictive heat exchanger is the most energy efficient result, as opposed to an open front gas log fire which contributes to a more decorative purpose.

4. What is a mock fireplace?

If you like the look of a fireplace, but don’t have one, we recommend checking out the Mock Fireplace Kit. This kit enables for your inbuilt heater to be easily and safely installed in a plasterboard or timber wall. Whether fluing up in the wall cavity or though ceiling plaster, simply construct a purpose built timber or plasterboard enclosure to conceal the heater cabinet and flue.

5. How should I clean my gas log heater?

The heater should be cleaned when it is cold. Generally the heater requires only a wipe with a lint-free damp cloth. Use nonabrasive spray on cleaner for any stubborn stains. Make sure to not use an abrasive cleaner as the paint finish will be damaged.

When cleaning the outer glass, use a mild liquid or spray on glass cleaner- when the heater is cold. Do not use any harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the heater glass front as it will cause scratching to the surface, which may shatter the glass.

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