How much cheaper?

Approximately $4,000 cheaper than it was in January this year.

$750 Customer Rebate Now Available On Every New Tesla Powerwall For A Limited Time

With upfront cost being much lower and with power prices now hugely more expensive the payback periods are stronger too.

Not to mention the fact that feed in tariffs are dropping significantly and will be fased out completely in the next few years, so take advantage now.

Some common questions:

  • YES this applies PER Powerwall. Install 9 x Powerwalls and customer gets 9 x $750 = $6,750
  • YES this applies if you already have a Powerwall and you add more. You get $750 for each NEW Powerwall that is added to a site
  • YES you can still claim the Tesla Energy Plan $1,000 Powerwall Credits to get $1,750 in savings
  • YES it’s cash – paid directly to the customers bank account

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