This just in: one Simply Energy Virtual Power Plant (VPP) customer has just received their very first monthly energy bill credit of $500 plus.

And in the month following? They added an electric car (offset by solar) to their arsenal of energy-efficient home features and received a bill credit of $900 plus.

Imagine using your generation of electricity as a reliable source of income. That’s right: no more bills. Just credits.

With G Store and our wide range of provider networks, it’s possible.

But how did this customer do it? And how can you do the same?

In a world of rising energy costs, more Australians than ever before are turning to sources of renewable energy and the multitude of benefits that “going solar” offers.

Luckily, seeing that little “CR” (credit) or “-” symbol on your monthly electricity bill has become a situation that’s now more achievable than ever. With over 15 years of expertise in the art of saving our customers big money, we’re here to share with you all our tips and tricks for getting there!

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • What a bill credit is
  • Accessible methods of reducing your monthly energy bills
  • How to achieve bill credits
  • An incredible example of one customer’s bill credit experience

Let’s get started.

What is a bill credit?

Like many Australians yet to transition to renewable energy, you’re probably pre-conditioned to hand over money when you receive your monthly electricity bills.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of – for many years, solar energy (and the ability to go all-electric) has been a goal that’s unattainable for most Australian households.

That is, until now.

It’s now estimated that nearly 3 million Australian households have installed rooftop solar panels, which is equivalent to approximately 29% of Australian households.

This number has been steadily increasing over the years, and is expected to continue to rise as more Australians see the benefits of renewable energy, and the cost of solar power continues to decline (Clean Energy Regulator).

A bill credit for renewables is essentially a financial incentive provided to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources, such as solar. Importantly, this allows customers who generate their own electricity from renewable sources to receive credit on their utility bills for any excess energy they generate, and feed back into the grid.

Typically, a bill credit looks like “CR$800” or “-$800” at the bottom of your energy bill. The figure is located in exactly the same place that you’d usually find a summary of charges regarding money to be paid in order to settle your account.

How can I reduce my monthly energy bills?

Reducing your monthly energy bills (and working towards a monthly credit) generally requires you to make changes to the various systems and processes generating energy in your home.

We suggest starting with:

  • Looking at what’s supplying energy to the main energy-consumers in your home, including heating/cooling, hot water, and cooking
  • Going solar – installing a high-quality PV solar system, like those supplied by our G Store partner, SunPower
  • Installing a heat pump and considered it for use as part of your hot water and/or HVAC system
  • Checking out our Learning Centre for more energy-saving tips
  • Giving your award-winning team from G Store a call to help navigate the range of options available to you

If, however, you’d like to take your savings one step further and progress towards a healthy credit displayed on your monthly bills, we can help with this too!

How can I start earning energy bill credits?

Typically, bill credits are earned in the following ways:

Installing solar panels

Opting to add solar battery storage so that you can begin storing and exporting excess energy generated in your home

Joining a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program, such as the partnership between G Store and Simply Energy which offers eligible customers a new Tesla Powerwall plus massive feed-in tariff of 15c/kW – learn more about this exciting offer here

Can you give me an example of a bill credit?

Absolutely. One incredible customer of our Simply VPP partnership recently shared with us these two examples of their monthly bills. Let’s take a look.

Month 1
Monthly credit: AUD$804.97
Average daily credit:

Note that a proportional credit of ~$300 was accidentally applied to this customer’s account twice, then rectified. This still leaves the customer with a Month 1 credit of approximately $500!

Month 2
Monthly credit: AUD$917.17
Average daily credit: AUD$3.62/day

This is wild.

Imagine actually making money from your monthly power bills. In Month 2, this customer added a Tesla all-electric vehicle to their home, offset by solar, and facilitating an even greater monthly credit.

What’s more, this client also saved approximately $500 of energy consumption charges (via solar/solar battery) on top of their monthly credit!

Today, Tesla is incredible: they deliver the car, the home charger, the Powerwall batteries, and more, which can help make your home energy-independent for everything powered by electricity.

Of course, however, you’re going to need to consider going solar as a first step (and swapping out all fossil fuel-dependent systems like HVAC and hot water).

So – they’re great savings, right? But where to next?

As with all investments, you’ll want to be sure your money is securing you a high-quality product with low risk and impressive future prospects.

At G Store, our award-winning team is primed and ready to help you do exactly that. And with ongoing support and advice for as many years as you want to stay in touch with us, how can you go wrong?

Okay. I’m convinced. What can I do next?

While credits are impressive, undertaking the necessary navigations of new and unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming at best, and terrifying at most.

We’re here to help you take a load off, helping you fully grasp the options available to you based on your unique interests, needs, budget and energy-efficiency goals.

Wrapping up

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