The Top 5 Regrets of Homeowners Who’ve Just Installed Aircon

Keen to upgrade your existing aircon system or install a brand-new system within your home or workplace? We know how exciting (and uncharted) this territory can feel!

Much like purchasing a new car, the process of selecting the best air conditioning system for your space demands careful consideration to prevent ending up with an unexpected lemon – you heard us.

While three out of four Aussie homes now come with air conditioning as a standard feature, the nuances of air conditioning choices and installations can catch even the most seasoned homeowners off guard.

As heat waves across Victoria become more and more relentless every year, the importance of selecting the right air conditioning system and avoiding common pitfalls post-installation becomes increasingly apparent.

Ready? Let’s get cracking and save you some precious time and cash!

Regret 1: Choosing the wrong location for outdoor units

One prevailing regret of homeowners who’ve just installed aircon stems from the unfortunate misplacement of outdoor units or their direct attachment to buildings. This is particularly pertinent in the case of split-system units.

The resulting noise, vibrations and unsightly appearance can turn the anticipated comfort of air conditioning into an unexpected source of disturbance during quiet evenings at home.

Solution: Optimal mounting systems, designed with padding or gaps, can alleviate noise and vibrations. By avoiding direct attachment to walls and ensuring thoughtful placement, homeowners can transform their living spaces into peaceful retreats, away from the noise of compressor units and otherwise. Likewise, consulting with a trusted HVAC professional can help you determine whether or not there may be an alternate solution to the need for an external unit in your home or workplace.

Regret 2: Un-insulated tubing and unsealed ducting

Overlooking the insulation of your air conditioning system’s tubing and sealing of ducting can lead to moisture-related issues, including dripping, water damage, and the supremely unwelcome growth of mould within the home – far from ideal!

Introducing a new HVAC system into your home or workplace should not mean increasing the risk of mould-related issues within the same space.

Solution: Prioritising insulation for tubing prevents moisture-related problems, while sealed ducting guards against water damage, warps, stains, and potential health hazards associated with mould growth. Only a trusted, experienced and quality-focused installer can help you ensure corners won’t be cut during the installation process.

Regret 3: Not doing your research

Choosing the right air conditioning system for your specific needs and requirements means asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the total size of my space?
  • How many rooms do I want to cool/heat?
  • What is my budget?
  • What kinds of functionalities do I want to combine into my system?
  • Are there any rebates currently available to me that might reduce the upfront cost of a higher-quality air conditioning system?

Put simply, there’s no one answer to the question: “What’s the best air conditioning system in Victoria?”. The answer depends on your specific circumstances, budget, needs, and relationship to ROI.

Solution: Contact our trusted G Store team today and we can help you get started. We’ll guide you through a range of structured questions that can help determine a great list of products and solutions that are both cost-effective and achievable for you and your household or business.

Regret 4: Neglecting everything post-installation

The aftermath of air conditioning installation often involves unavoidable debris, leaving homeowners regretting the lack of a thorough cleanup – an issue that’s particularly pertinent if you don’t choose a trusted and experienced aircon installer in Melbourne.

What’s more, a great air conditioning system doesn’t stop once the system itself is installed. Choose a trusted retailer and they can help you advise on the ideal maintenance timeline for your system so you can ensure proper functioning and efficiency for years to come.

Solution: Choosing a professional air conditioning install team in Victoria that’s committed to post-installation cleanup ensures a satisfying customer experience. Getting the best advice from the moment you begin your journey is absolutely essential to the overall quality and length of your air conditioning systems’ lifespan.

Regret 5: Choosing the wrong coolant or refrigerant

Firstly, what is a coolant?

In an air conditioning system, a coolant, often referred to as refrigerant, is a substance responsible for absorbing heat from the indoor air and transferring it to the outdoor environment. The coolant undergoes a continuous cycle of evaporation and condensation, facilitating the heat exchange process that cools the air inside a building.

The primary function of the coolant is to enable the air conditioner to remove heat from the indoor space, thus providing a cooling effect. During the cooling cycle, the coolant circulates through a closed-loop system that includes an evaporator coil inside the indoor unit and a condenser coil in the outdoor unit.

Selecting an inappropriate coolant poses risks, from toxicity to future unavailability. Homeowners may regret not staying informed about different coolant properties, leading to potential health hazards and increased costs over time.

Solution: Do your research, and ask the questions early on in the process. Remaining informed about coolant properties and opting for those with minimal risks is essential – and your chosen HVAC retailer should be able to advise you comprehensively on your options. Choosing refrigerants aligned with current regulations prevents future complications and will ensure the long-term viability of whatever air conditioning system you decide to go with.

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