The Top 5 Regrets of New Solar Panel Owners

While the decision to “go solar” is obviously a smart, exciting and commendable one, it also comes with its very own set of considerations and potential regrets – just like any investment.

As the solar industry in Australia continues to evolve rapidly, understanding the nuanced experiences of those who’ve gone before us can provide invaluable insights for anyone considering the adoption of solar technologies into their home or workplace.

In this detailed exploration, we’re going to delve into the top five regrets shared by many Victorian solar panel owners, offering specific examples and a comprehensive guide for everyone commencing their solar journey.

The aim? To help you get it right – the first time!

Regret 1: Not maximising the size of your new solar PV system

Many seasoned solar system owners in Victoria express a common regret – not installing a larger system initially, sometimes due to budget constraints.

The dilemma of system sizing often stems from balancing upfront costs with long-term benefits. Consider the scenario of a family that initially installs a modest-sized system to fit their budget. As their energy needs grow or their lifestyle changes, they may find themselves regretting not opting for a larger system from the start.

One way around this dilemma is to both explore the range of various solar rebates available to you as a solar cumster in Victoria, as well as potentially pushing back the date of your ideal install to incorporate a larger initial budget.

One thing is for certain: quality solar systems and solar battery additions often require an increased upfront investment. However, in return, these quality, comprehensive systems are often vastly more likely to offer you greater returns across a longer period of time – see: greater ROI!

The long and the short of it? That getting a full picture of the various solar incentives and rebates available to you, as well as understanding a realistic timeline for achieving the installation of a quality product, will help put you in the best-possible position for lasting gains.

Regret 2: Not installing solar batteries with your new system

The evolution of solar technology has brought forth the importance of aligned energy storage solutions – like solar batteries.

It’s easy to feel that reducing costs as much as possible should be a key aim of introducing a new system and investment into your home. However, with the array of up-sides related to solar battery installation happening at the same time as your solar PV system, we suggest that – perhaps – you reconsider.

Benefits of installing solar batteries at the same time as your solar system include:

  • Accessing additional government solar rebates in Victoria
  • Considering space constraints of both systems
  • Making sure your battery storage can grow alongside your solar energy use
  • Earning money from your excess solar energy by storing it in a solar battery system and exporting it via a Virtual Power Plant program (such as our VPP partnership with Simply Energy)

To illustrate, imagine a household that experiences occasional power outages. A battery system would provide uninterrupted power during these outages, enhancing the overall reliability of the solar setup.

Additionally, any excess solar energy generated during the day can be stored and used during periods of peak demand or at night, reducing dependence on the grid and optimising your energy independence.

The kicker? Installing solar batteries alongside your solar system helps you get the most from it in the long-run!

Regret 3: Not maximising the compatibility potential of your solar system

Solar panels are just the beginning of your energy-efficiency journey.

From heat pumps to high-efficiency HVAC powered by the world’s most impressive all-electric technologies, there are so many ways to increase the efficiency of your home – and it begins with considering overall compatibility between systems in your home.

For example, Stiebel Eltron’s incredible heat pumps are celebrated for many reasons, including their incredible energy efficiency and CoP as well as their outstanding compatibility with solar PV systems.

Having spoken with a range of customers over the decades, we’ve often noticed that new solar panel owners can regret not exploring the compatibility of their heating or cooling systems with solar PV.

Consider a scenario where a homeowner invests in a heat pump without considering its compatibility with their existing or planned solar PV system. This oversight can lead to suboptimal energy efficiency and potential missed savings – especially if you decide to upgrade your systems into the future.

Ensuring all components of the energy system work seamlessly together is essential for a holistic and efficient solar setup.

Regret 4: Not considering solar product warranty periods

Many customers, upon reflection, now emphasise the importance of reviewing solar panel warranties, especially when there can be a mismatch in warranty durations amongst a thrown-together, poorly-planned system.

Consider this scenario, for example: a solar panel owner who neglects to thoroughly review warranty details during the installation process notices that the inverter, a critical component, has a shorter warranty than other elements, potentially leading to unforeseen costs for replacements or repairs.

A thorough understanding of maintenance requirements and long-term warranties is crucial for avoiding such regrets and ensuring the sustained reliability of the solar system, as is making sure you choose system components with the longest-possible warranty periods – like SunPower Maxeon’s stunning 40-year warranty on its brand-new panels.

Regret 5: Failing to plan for changes in energy consumption patterns

Many new solar panel owners’ experiences highlight the common regret of underestimating the (very normal) changes that occur in energy consumption patterns over time.

Let’s first consider a scenario in which a family-sized household installs a solar panel system based on their existing energy needs. However, over time, they acquire electric vehicles or add new energy-intensive appliances to their household – or perhaps even an additional child/adult or two!

Their existing solar system, initially designed to cover a certain percentage of their electrical usage, may fall short of meeting the increased demand. What’s more, if they choose not to install solar batteries alongside the new solar PV panel system, the family may not be protected in times of outage – and particularly so if broader grid reliability in Victoria continues to decline.

Again – we suggest planning implementation of solar such that you create a realistic timeline for culmination of the best initial deposit. If you have to wait a couple of extra years to install but can do so with a higher-quality and more comprehensive solar system, what do you really have to lose?

Put simply, the path to becoming a wholly satisfied solar panel owner in Victoria involves meticulous planning, thorough consideration, and learning from the experiences of those who have already embraced solar energy. By understanding new solar owners’ top regrets, we know you’ll end up getting the most from your system. The satisfaction that comes from this is worth its weight in gold.

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