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G-Store Vertical Garden Systems Comparison



Facade with Wall Garden Pots

Gro-Wall 4

Gro-Wall Pro

  Atlantis facade Facade with Wall Garden pots Gro-wall 4 Kit Gro-Wall Pro kit
Must be attached to a wall YES* YES* YES Option
Can be freestanding with the correct supports       YES
Can create a double sided wall       YES
Number of pots per kit 0 1 to 16 per sq m 18 20
East access pull out pots     YES YES

Depth from wall

52mm 242mm 220mm 265mm
Single kit coverage (assembled vertically) order per sq metre order per sq metre 0.8m² 1.1m²
Rows can be assembled vertically or side by side (or combinations)     YES YES
Assembly difficulty Easy Easy Basic Skills Advanced
Kit Costs $35/m² $44 to $179/m² $220 $297
Volume Discounts     3+, 6+ Kits 3+, 6+ Kits



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