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VIC Solar Rebate

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Save up to $2,225 with the Victorian Solar Panel Rebate.

Due to this Rebate being closed until July 1, 2019, G-Store in conjunction with LG & Enphase is offering 200 customers $2,225 off our premium quality LG/Enphase Systems.

See Full Terms & Conditions Below.

G-Store, in conjunction with Premium manufacturers LG Solar and Enphase Australia, are proud to offer the 'G-Store Victoria Solar Homes Rebate Program' Solar Bridging Incentive from April 12, 2019 to be made available to 200 Victorian Solar customers of G-Store Solar only.
The $2,225 point of sale discount is in lieu of the Solar Victoria rebate and for customers installing LG/Enphase Solar Systems 5kW and greater.
Unlike the Solar Victoria rebate which customers had to apply for with means testing criteria attached, this G-Store Solar Bridging Incentive is open to ALL home owners in Melbourne and Gippsland regardless of income or whether replacing or adding to existing solar installed. 
In context this means customers who still meet eligibility criteria for the Solar Victoria Solar Hot Water and Battery rebate scheme may still be eligible to claim either of these rebates from July 1, 2019, unlike customers who install panels under the Solar Victoria Solar rebate scheme.
This is not related to the Victorian Solar Homes Rebate Program & cannot be used in conjunction with the Solar Victoria Solar Panels rebate scheme eligible installations before the 19th June 2019 for Solar Panels unless you have already received confirmation of eligibility for the current scheme using a different retailer regardless of product available/quoted and are willing to install an LG NeON 2 /Enphase Micro Inverter Solar System. 
We would like to thank LG Solar and Enphase Australia for their support which puts the  LG/Enphase premium solar solution within the grasp of more Victorians. This is effectively a $4500 discount half up front and half after installation if you have already been approved for a rebate through another solar provider and we complete the install by June 1st 2019. For standalone systems , the 'G-Store Victoria Solar Homes Rebate Program' Solar Bridging Incentive the system must be installed by 15th August 2019.
The 'G-Store Victoria Solar Homes Rebate Program' Solar Bridging Incentive offer is available on Quotes provided from G-Store dated from 12th April 2019 until the 31st May 2019 or until all installation placements are booked within the limited 200 successful applicant Customers.
Applications will be approved entirely at G-Store Pty Ltd discretion and the receipt of this information in no way represents entitlement
Applications will be approved entirely at G-Store Pty Ltd discretion and the receipt of this information in no way represents entitlement
To register for the 'G-Store Victoria Solar Homes Rebate Program' Solar Bridging Incentive offer apply here: 
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Have you already got an approval or pre-approval from Solar Victoria? You could be eligible to double your money and save a total of $4,450 off a new solar system!

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'G Store Victoria Solar Homes Rebate Program Solar Bridging Incentive offer

If you’re lucky enough to live in Victoria, there has never been a better and more urgent time to slash your energy bills by installing a home solar power system.

The Victorian government recently announced that from August 19, 2018 it will pay up to $2,225 towards the cost of a home solar power system as part of its Solar Homes package!

But you better act fast. This rebate is currently only available to the first 24,000 homes and funding is only assured for this until June 2019. We have seen a massive spike in uptake of solar with most of our customers claiming this rebate, so we anticiapte this commitment will be exhausted soon. We hope the program will be extended but there is uncertainty whether this will occur. 

As Victoria’s premier residential solar provider, G-Store has the expertise, credibility and experience to help you take advantage of this offer and make claiming the Solar Panel Rebate in Victoria a smooth and simple process.

We’re a trusted local business with more than 10 years of solar experience, and we only supply the very best products backed by long warranties from the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Who’s eligible for the rebate?

The good news is that the majority of households in Victoria are eligible for this rebate!

You’re eligible for the Victorian Solar Panel Rebate if:

  • Your household has a combined income of less than $180,000 per year before tax (based on the most recent tax assessment notices for the home owners)
  • You are an owner-occupier of a home valued at under $3,000,000 (a copy of a recent Council rates notice will be required)
  • You don’t already have a solar panel system installed on your property or are an early adopter of Solar PV looking to replace or expand your system.*
  • You choose a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Product (which all of our premium LG solar panels are) and use a CEC Accredited Installer (which all of our installers are)
  • You have an eligible solar panel system installed on or after 19 August 2018
  • Engage an installer who can provide a statement that they have not received a WorkSafe infringement notice in the past three years (which all our installers provide)

Victorian Solar rebate

* Early adopters of solar PV, who meet all other eligibility criteria, are able to claim a rebate for a new or expanded system. An early adopter is defined as a solar system that was installed prior to the commencement of the Premium Feed-In Tariff (PFIT) on November 1, 2009. Your Distribution Network Service Provider can confirm that the date on which your solar PV system was connected to the grid was prior to the start of the PFIT. Other than for early adopters, the solar rebate cannot be used to expand an existing solar panel installation.

G-Store is a trusted solar supplier.

With showrooms in Malvern East and Warragul, G-Store is a well-established, diversified Melbourne business with over 20 years industry experience. We have solar PV systems installed in homes, businesses and local government right across Victoria.

We are a Clean Energy Council Member and are supported by a network of CEC-accredited installers.

We only supply the best products backed by long warranties from the world’s leading manufacturers. We only use premium solar panels with characteristics and performance well in excess of Tier One solar panels and class-leading string inverters. We also provide a range of premium AC battery solutions.

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