Do I need a water filtration system?

Australia has some of the best drinking water in the world, so why do some people still choose to install a water filtration system in their home? Have a read of our short guide to learn the benefits, or otherwise, of water filtration to help you to decide whether a filter system is right for you.

Soft Water vs Hard Water

Tea drinkers all over the world swear by the importance of the subtle differences between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ water. In simple terms, all rain water is soft water before it hits surface level and below. Once it begins to be naturally filtered underground, it picks up various minerals like lime, chalk, magnesium and calcium that gradually turn it into ‘hard’ water. The more mineral content, the harder the water. On the other hand, the more the water is treated the softer it becomes. An interesting science lesson, sure, but what’s the measurable difference?

In its purest form, water doesn’t contain any minerals or additives. Due to its increased mineral content, hard water can have a slightly unpleasant taste too. Soft water, on the other hand, is treated with sodium, which some drinkers report makes the water taste slightly salty. There’s no consensus on which water tastes better, though generally speaking too many minerals or too much sodium can lead to water becoming undrinkable. Thankfully, that’s not a problem we have in Australia – but the subtle differences between soft and hard water, and the fact that we all have different palates, means that a water filter is a good way to keep everyone satisfied.

Chemicals and Additives:

A number of additives are used in the water treatment process that turns rain and ground water into drinking water. The most common of these are chlorine, which kills bacteria; fluoride, which promotes oral health; and aluminium; which helps remove harmful solids and/or pathogens. Whilst these chemicals are safe to consume, it can be uncomfortable to picture the chemicals and waste that have had to be filtered out of your water between reservoir and tap. Some people decide to install a water filter on their tap as an added protection against harmful bacteria and pathogens, as well as to reduce the chemical content in their drinking water.

How do they work?

A water filtration system can be installed at a number of stages across the treatment process. If you’re filtering your own rainwater tank, you can install a filter at the source. If you’re looking to filter tap water, you can either install a filter under your kitchen counter to filter the water before it gets to the unit, or you can install a filter on the end of the tap to catch any nasties before they find their way into your glass.

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