In a world increasingly focused on sustainable energy solutions, solar power has emerged as a dominant force – both in terms of affordability and potential for long-term savings.

While solar panels have gained significant popularity, the question of what constitutes the best solar battery remains a subject of fierce debate.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of solar batteries, their functions, key considerations when choosing one, and then examine three prominent contenders: the Tesla Powerwall battery, the Enphase IQ Battery 5, and the solar battery by Sonnen.

So, let’s dive in!

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery, also known as a solar energy storage system, is a device that stores the surplus electricity generated by solar panels.

Solar panels produce electricity during daylight hours, and a solar battery allows you to save that energy for use during non-daylight hours or when the sun isn’t shining. It acts as a backup power source, ensuring a continuous supply of electricity and reducing reliance on the grid.

What does a solar battery do?

A solar battery performs a crucial role in maximising the benefits of solar power. It enables homeowners to store excess energy generated during the day and use it later when energy demand is higher or when the sun is not available.

With a solar battery, you can enjoy a more consistent power supply, reduce your reliance on the grid, and potentially lower your electricity bills.

What’s more, having a solar battery allows you to join a special Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program where you can export and make money from the excess the power you generate via your solar PV panel system.

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Factors to consider when choosing a solar battery


The storage capacity of a solar battery determines how much energy it can hold. It’s crucial to assess your energy requirements and choose a battery that meets your specific needs.


The efficiency of a solar battery refers to how much energy it can retain during the charging and discharging process. Higher efficiency ensures you make the most of the energy generated by your solar panels.


It’s important to look for a solar battery with a reliable warranty. This will protect your investment and provide peace of mind.

Scalability and modular design

If you have plans to expand your solar system in the future, consider a battery that allows for easy scalability and integration.

Cost and long-term savings

While the upfront cost is a significant consideration, evaluate the overall value provided by the battery, including its lifespan and potential savings in energy costs.

Let’s look at how two of the market’s major solar battery contenders stack up in terms of these factors.

Pros and cons of the Tesla Powerwall battery


Market Leader: The Tesla Powerwall is a widely recognized and trusted brand in the solar battery industry, known for its cutting-edge technology and high-quality products.
Capacity: With a storage capacity of up to 13.5 kWh, the Powerwall can meet the energy needs of most households, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Integration: Tesla’s Powerwall seamlessly integrates with solar systems and can be monitored and controlled via a user-friendly app.
Durability: Built with longevity in mind, the Powerwall boasts a durable design that can withstand various weather conditions.


Price: The Tesla Powerwall is one of the more expensive options on the market, making it less accessible for budget-conscious consumers.
Installation costs: Additional costs may be incurred for professional installation, which can add to the overall investment required.

You can learn more about the Tesla Powerwall solar battery here. Pros and cons of the Enphase IQ Battery 5


High efficiency: The Enphase IQ Battery 5 has an impressive round-trip efficiency of 97%, ensuring minimal energy loss during the charging and discharging process.
Modularity: This battery offers the advantage of modular expansion, allowing users to start with a smaller capacity and scale up as needed.
Safety: The Enphase IQ Battery 5 employs advanced safety features, such as built-in thermal management and individual cell monitoring, to ensure optimal performance and safety.
Monitoring capabilities: Enphase offers a user-friendly monitoring platform that enables homeowners to track and analyse their energy consumption, solar production, and battery usage in real-time.


Lower capacity: Compared to some other options in the market, the Enphase IQ Battery 5 has a slightly lower storage capacity, which may not be sufficient for larger energy needs.
Limited availability: The Enphase IQ Battery 5 may not be as widely available in all regions, limiting accessibility for potential buyers.

You can learn more about the Enphase IQ Battery 5 here.

Pros and cons of the Sonnen solar battery


Advanced energy management: Sonnen solar batteries offer advanced energy management capabilities, allowing homeowners to optimise their energy usage and maximise self-consumption of solar energy.
Durability and longevity: Sonnen batteries are known for their high-quality construction and durability, designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide long service life.
Modular design: The Sonnen battery system is modular, meaning it can be easily expanded by adding additional battery modules as energy needs grow.
Integrated Inverter: Sonnen batteries come with an integrated inverter, simplifying the installation process and reducing overall system costs.
Safety features: Sonnen batteries incorporate multiple safety features such as overcharge protection, temperature monitoring, and short-circuit protection to ensure safe and reliable operation.
Smart home integration: Sonnen offers smart home integration options, allowing homeowners to monitor and control their battery system through user-friendly apps and platforms.


Higher initial cost: Sonnen batteries are often priced at a premium compared to some other options in the market, which may make them less accessible for budget-conscious consumers.
Availability: Depending on the region, Sonnen batteries may have limited availability compared to more widely recognised brands.
Capacity limitations: The storage capacity of Sonnen batteries may not be as high as some other competitors, which could be a consideration for households with larger energy needs.
Warranty limitations: While Sonnen batteries come with warranties, the specific terms and coverage can vary. It’s important to review and understand the Sonnen warranty terms and their relationship to your specific needs before making a purchase.

You can learn more about the Sonnen solar battery here.

Government rebates for solar batteries

In Australia, the government and local authorities often provide incentives to encourage the adoption of solar power and storage solutions. In Victoria, homeowners can take advantage of the Solar Homes Program, which includes a solar battery rebate.

As of the latest information available, the Victorian government offers a rebate of up to $4,174 for eligible households to install a solar battery system. This financial assistance aims to make solar battery technology more affordable and accessible, allowing residents to further reduce their reliance on the grid and contribute to a greener future.

Learn more about the various government rebates available to Victorian homeowners here.

Wrapping up

We’re including a longer concluding section to this blog than we normally would – simply because there’s so much to consider in choosing the solar battery that’s perfect for you.

Picking the right solar battery involves considering various factors such as capacity, efficiency, warranty, scalability, and cost. While the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ Battery 5 are prominent contenders in the market, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The Tesla Powerwall stands out with its high capacity and seamless integration, while the Enphase IQ Battery 5 excels in efficiency and modularity. Ultimately, the best solar battery for you depends on your specific energy needs, budget, and preferences.

As the demand for renewable energy continues to rise, the solar battery market in Australia is witnessing significant growth. It is crucial to stay informed about government rebates and incentives available in your region, such as the Victorian Solar Homes Program, which currently offers a generous rebate of up to $4,174 for solar battery installations. These rebates make solar battery systems more affordable and encourage homeowners to embrace sustainable energy solutions.

Embracing solar power and investing in the right solar battery not only contributes to a cleaner environment but also provides long-term financial benefits by reducing electricity bills and increasing energy independence.

As technology advances and more players enter the market, we can expect even more innovative and efficient solar battery options to emerge, giving consumers a wider range of choices to suit their specific needs.

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