With solar gaining huge popularity over recent years, you’d be forgiven for getting confused when it comes to choosing the best panels.

As with any advances in technology, the market often becomes flooded with options – from cheap and not-so-cheerful to solar systems so large they could quite literally break the bank.

So – how can you choose the best solar panels for your needs? And why, as a trusted retailer of 15+ years solar expertise, has G Store selected both SunPower and REC solar panels as our solar panels of choice?

We’ll explain all this and more. But first, it’s important to start with the basics:

How Do Solar Panels Work?

While many of us are familiar with solar technology, the detail of how these incredible panels work often remains a mystery.

Solar panels work by converting sunlight in the environment into usable electricity via a process called the photovoltaic (PV) effect. When sunlight hits your solar panels, the PV cells in each panel absorb the photons, causing electrons to be released from their atoms.

Those free electrons are then captured by the electrical conductors located within your solar panels, generating a direct current (DC) electrical flow. An inverter (also located within the panel) then converts this DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity.

And there you have it! Clean, clear, renewable energy from the sun.

What should I look for when choosing solar panels?

When selecting your ideal solar panels, we suggest taking the following important factors into consideration:

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is a term that describes how effectively particular panels will convert sunlight into electricity. As you might imagine, higher efficiency panels produce more electricity in the same amount of space, making them ideal for limited roof areas or in other conditions where efficiency is a priority. According to statistics published by the Australian PV Institute, the average efficiency of solar panels in Australia is approximately 17-20%.
  • Warranty: The higher the quality of your panels, the less likely you are to need to cash in on a panel’s warranty. However, it so happens that in Victoria, the higher quality panels are also those with the longest warranty. Why? Because the manufacturers have huge faith in the quality of their panels. Take SunPower panels, for example, which have an industry-leading 40-year warranty!
  • Quality and durability: Solar panels in Victoria should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, hail, and wind – all the hallmarks of our state’s weather across the seasons. We suggest looking for panels with robust frames and reputable warranties to ensure their longevity.

Of course, with 15+ years of trusted solar expertise, your award-winning G Store solar team can help you select the right panels for your needs, balancing not only the above factors but your specific needs, interests, budget and circumstances as well. Just give us a call on 1300 137 567.

Which Brands of Solar Panel are the Best?

As we’ve already described, the solar panel market in Australia and beyond is filled with numerous brands, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

According to recent information published by the Clean Energy Council, some of the best-performing solar panel brands in Australia include the following, both stocked by G Store:

SunPower solar panels: SunPower is renowned worldwide for its high-efficiency solar panels. These panels utilise Maxeon cell technology, which itself allows for increased energy production, even in lower light conditions or when sunlight is limited. SunPower panels have an efficiency rating of up to 22% when the standard efficiency is known to be between 17-20%. These panels are also known for their durability and come with a huge 40-year warranty!

REC solar panels: REC Solar is another reputable brand stocked by G Store. These particular panels are widely regarded to offer a balance between performance and affordability, featuring advanced cell technology and an efficiency rating of up to approximately 20.9%. They also come with an impressive warranty.

Which solar panels does G Store recommend and why?

G Store, a trusted solar energy provider of more than 15+ years expertise, is proud to offer a selection of high-quality solar panels to our customers. With both SunPower and REC solar panels available, we’ve hand-selected the very best panels that are designed to serve you and save you big money for the long-run.

For customers with LG solar panels already installed, we’re proud to also continue servicing and advising on these systems, despite the fact that LG recently chose to cease production of its supreme quality solar panels.

If you’re uncertain about which solar panels are best for you, feel free to give us a call on 1300 137 567 for your entirely obligation-free consultation. We’re here to help.

Wrapping up

With over 15+ years of trusted solar and solar battery storage expertise, we love helping advise you on how your home can become more energy-efficient.

To learn more about the best solar panel options available to you, just visit our Learning Centre or give our award-winning team a call today on 1300 137 567.

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