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Winter Heating Quick Guide - Practical Solutions for Highly Efficient Heating from G-Store

Heating Consumes 38% of energy use

Choose a Heating system or combined Heating/Cooling System that suits you best.


Heating alone consumes around 30% of your annual energy use on average, more in southern states. Heating and Cooling combined around 40% in total. Highly efficient heating alone makes a huge 4-Star Savings impact on power or gas bills.

You may already have 5-Star Heating Savings installed

Some homes already have the cheapest heating option on their wall but going unused during winter. Recent inverter model reverse cycle air-conditioners deliver heat to your home in the most economical way for all Australian cities as far south as Hobart*.

In the heating cycle, the heat pump system, pumps concentrated heat extracted from the outside air, inside to warm your room to the desired temperature. You are just using renewable solar heat from the atmosphere in a condensed form.

This is not new, it works just like a fridge which extracts the heat from air inside the fridge to keep it as cold. The process has just become dramatically more efficient in the last few years.

With the most efficient electric radiator, you put a kilowatt of electricity for a kilowatt of heat out. Because a heat pump is so much better at extracting heat from the ambient air, a kilowatt of electricity can typically provide 4 or 5 kilowatts of heat on a good system, up to almost 6 kilowatts on the latest high efficiency models.

The latest research shows this is even more efficient than the best Gas Ducted systems at heating a typical Australian home and even with power from the grid at full cost, cheaper to run with less greenhouse gases generated. The Melbourne Energy Institute at Melbourne University estimates savings in a large home of up to $658 a year.

G-Store 8 Star Savings SolutionsG-Store of course can go one better with our 8-Star Savings packages combining a home solar power with 2, 3 or 4 heating-cooling air conditioners for room by room climate control. For an old style household this typically reduces your energy bills by 70 to 80% with further potential reductions in future from adding solar battery storage as it becomes more economical.


Your household priorities, give you a number of starting points

Six Star Energy Options

Save the most over the lifetime of the Heater

Choose a highly efficient system and save more on rising energy costs.  With Gas Heating you can save 10% on the running costs of heaters with each 1 star energy rating improvement. 


Two star heater options

Save Now but pay more over time

Select a cheaper to buy option from among the range of moderately efficient products



Heating Options by Area

Investigate suitable options for the size area you want to heat


Browse the range of all the heating technologies offered by G-Store on one page 



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Lower energy use - Cheaper long term costs - Lower carbon footprint


The most efficient Heating (with bonus summer cooling)

Heating-Cooling Split System Air Conditioners

Heating/Cooling Split-System Air Conditioners

The most economical climate friendly form of heating as far south as Hobart. You get efficient cooling at no extra cost.

Combined with Solar PV, split system heat pumps can really take the scissors to your energy bills.

Room by room, all year round climate control lets you enjoy life with maximum personal comfort and minium cost.

VIEW RANGE (most efficient units first)

Combining Heating and Cooling delivers you a G-Store Five Star Savings Solution with savings in the range of 40-50% compared with older style households.


Six Star    5 or 6 Star Energy Efficient Gas Heaters

The most energy efficient forms of gas heating may cost a little more upfront. They are built using the latest research and technology, often to higher standards using top quality parts and with more rigorous testing. Over the longer term they use less energy to produce the same amount heat. In the face of rising energy costs the savings can really add up. With gas systems you save around 10% on costs for each star rating improvement, so a 6 star will use 30% less energy than a 3 star unit.

Browse High Efficiency Gas options with 5 and 6 star units (and some 4 Star) from single room to whole house solutions

Buy efficient Gas Log Fires

 Gas Log Fires 

Suitable for heating a large living area, Gas Log Fires are a form of gas space heating with the best offering high efficency powered flue systems that complete isolate the air used in burning.

VIEW RANGE (most efficient fires first)


Buy highly efficient ducted heating

Whole home gas ducted heating can be sized for small right through to very large homes. The best systems can also be zoned to provide heat to just selected areas at different times, cutting waste. Larger models can warm up to 300m2. 

You can combine an extra air ducted heater with Add On Cooling for complete year round comfort with a single controller. 

VIEW DUCTED HEATER RANGE (most efficient first)


By Highly Efficient Hydronic Heating

Hydronic Heating - Highly efficient, a central gas fired boiler provides heat to the whole home via a network of standard or highly decorative radiators or in-slab pipes. This is a particular suitable heat for houses with high ceilings. Hydronic heating has been popular in colder parts of the world for many years, it does not dry the air and you get a high degree of control at each panel. A G-Store expert will visit your home and later provide a custom design and quote with your selection of radiators.

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Energysaver Flued Gas Space Heater

 Flued Gas Space Heaters and Highly Efficient Wall Furnaces heat one or two rooms and exhaust all emissions via flue. You can keep your room sealed for maximum efficiency.

Some units are direct replacements for older heaters to make updating quickly, even easier.

VIEW RANGE (most efficient heaters first)


buy bioethenanol fires

Bioethanol Fires - clean burning, self contained fires that do not require a flue and produce no harmful emissions at all.

Many models can be used outdoors to create a magic atmosphere even when the evenings get cooler.

View All Models     View Models Suitable for Outdoor Heating



Buy Solar Heating & Cooling Online


Solar and Wind Ventilation - Supplements your traditional heating and cooling with solar or wind powered ventilation of your roof space helping to cut down on the energy needed by full scale systems.

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two stars  Save on Upfront Costs - Unrated or 2 to 4-Star Rated Models with higher running costs

G-Store also stock a range of systems that are still among the more efficient available but cost less to buy. For households on tighter budgets these more affordable systems still offer you great value for money in the short term.

Gas Ducted (cheapest first)

Gas Log Fires (cheapest first)

Wall Furnaces View Range of Furnaces and Space Heaters (cheapest first)

Electric Panel HeatersView Range of Electric Panels

Split System AC

View Split-System Heating-Cooling Air Conditioners (cheapest first)



Suitable Heating Options for particular areas



G-Store Brands

Whole Home

Multiple Split System Air-Conditioners

Gas Ducted with multiple Outlets

Hydronic (custom quote)

Ducted Air Conditioning


Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire

Hunt, Hurlcon


Two Rooms

Gas Space Heating

Split System Heating & Air Conditioning

Braemar, Bonaire, Pyrox


Living Area

Gas Log Fire

Gas Space Heating

Bioethanol Fires

Split System Heating & Air Conditioning

Cannon, Rinnai

RinnaiBraemar, BonairePyrox


Mitsubishi, FujitsuRinnai Carrier

Bedrooms/Smaller rooms

Electric Panels

Gas Space Heating

Split System Heating & Air Conditioning

Noirot, NoboRInnai

Rinnai, Braemar



Bioethanol Fires



View All G-Store Efficient Heating Technologies in our Heating-Cooling Section


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* It is significantly more cost effective to replace gas heaters with multiple reverse cycle air conditioners (RCACs) for space heating, in each of the 26 gas zones modelled by the Alternate Technology Association - Nov 2014. Read their full report